About RFYL

Running For Your Lifestyle® - verb. - The act of CANEI. Continuous And Never-Ending Improvement. To do whatever it takes to improve ones overall Life, Health, and Financial Well-being. To Strive to Live your best possible Life!

Running For Your Lifestyle® is a learning and growing platform offering multiple books, courses, references, and trainings to assist you in improving your way of Life and Lifestyle.

This site has been designed and created to offer a variety of Self-help, and Personal Development options to fit the budget and schedule of all who come to learn and grow here.

A word from Karl

I have been a student of success and motivation for more than 30 years. I have attended hundreds of seminars, webinars, and trainings in my quest for a better life. It has been said by others that reading my work is like sitting across the table from me having a discussion. I do my best to write in a simple and easy to understand format which makes following along with the training both educational and entertaining. My witty phrasing and sense of humor allows you, the reader, to live in the story as you read.

Enjoy... Karl

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