Goal Setting Simplified Course and Workbook


A Modern Day Guide to Living Free after your J.O.B.

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Unleash Your Full Potential!

Master Goal Setting for an Extraordinary Life! Join Running For Your Lifestyle® and experience a life-changing journey with our Goal Setting Simplified Course and Workbook. Elevate your life, health, and financial well-being through continuous improvement. With expert guidance from Karl, a seasoned life coach, you’ll gain the essential tools to set and achieve your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your best future!

  1. Instant access to the Course and Workbook in a downloadable PDF $19.95 (Value)
  2. Instant downloadable and printable version of the workbook   $9.95 (Value)
  3. Your own personalized autographed paperback mailed directly to you $24.95 (Value) [* Available in the Continental United States only]
  4. A one-on-one personal zoom consultation with the author     $249.95 (Value)
  5. A digital recording of your one-on-one consultation       $149.95 (Value)
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